When biomechanist Katy Bowman and fascia expert Jill Miller came together to create the Walking Well program, they wanted to ensure they included as much explanation and detail that you’d need to do the exercises and rollouts on your own, in your home, and at your own pace. But walking can get deep!  And no matter how much they squeezed in, there is always more they could add—from modifications for individual bodies to practitioner-level questions about anatomy and form! 

To do this, we created a special mentorship program for those of you working through the program to get that additional information and insight you need. This special one-week series, hosted by Jill and Katy, offers you the opportunity to work through your questions with both of them, live and “face-to-face."

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We are sorry that you were unable to register for GAIT WEEK. Due to the nature of this program, live enrollment was limited. If you are interested in learning about future registration for replay access to the GAIT WEEK program, please enter your name and email below and we will notify you when it becomes available.