2-Day LIVE Zoom Event 





With Tom Myers and Jill Miller

A new addition to the Rolling Along the Anatomy Trains series is coming to you LIVE. 

Travel along with Tom & Jill as they work together “in studio” for their New Routes program. This 8 hour program, presented in two 2-hour blocks each day, features brand new material, designed to pair with or without the original Rolling Along the Anatomy Trains Online Program.

February 12th and 13th, 2022

In this 2-day special event, you will:

  • Ride the Anatomy Trains Front, Back, and Ipsilateral Functional Lines
  • Explore the dynamic “Hip Grip” of Piriformis and Psoas 
  • Expand your knowledge of the visceral connections of psoas, abdomen, thorax and pericardium

Join Jill & Tom on this 

NEW ROUTES journey!

This program was structured so everyone around the globe could have access for questions as Tom and Jill present together live in studio.

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  • Locate fascial hotspots within the cardinal Anatomy Trains that weren’t included in the original 9-hour production